The Flavio Galo Marimba and Guitar School is Flavio Galo Foundation’s flagship Project. As a result, the Vision, Mission and Values refer to the school.


To be the nation’s best music school and a point of reference for the quality of teaching,  for its social responsibility, and for its promotion and rescue of nicaraguan art and culture. 


To promote amongst children, adolescents and young people, the art of playing Marimba and other artistic disciplines, while giving priority to developing the artistic capacities of those who live in socially and economically vulnerable situations.  Grateful for the talents that God has blessed us with, we will ensure that both service to our target population without discrimination and commitment to nicaraguan art become a reality. 


1.       Promotion of national art and culture.  Faced with the avalanche of external expression as a consequence of globalization, the School will promote nicaraguan cultural and artistic values along with pride in our own artistic expressions.

2.       Social Emphasis.  The School will prioritize, as much as is possible, those students that are most vulnerable, due to their family situation and poverty.

3.       Excellence.Continual improvement in the School’s teaching methods will be sought on a permanent basis, in order to attain the best artistic skills and capacities amongst its instructors and students.

4.       Innovation and creativity. Creative and innovative teaching methods will be sought in order to achieve better performance and progress amongst students and instructors.

5.       Development of new talents. The School will provide additional emphasis on those students who demonstrate a vocation for music and are interested in learning.  The development of new musical talents will receive special support.

6.       Responsibility. The responsibility of teaching and learning will be promoted amongst instructors and students.  In concrete terms, the School will be demanding in its respect for punctuality.

7.       Team work. Within the School team work, complementarity and solidarity will be promoted.  For this, the School will look to incorporate ideas that come from instructors, students and parents for a well-functioning School.  Leadership skills and capabilities will also be inculcated in instructors and students.

8.       Respect.  Respect will be promoted at all levels, from instructors to students, between instructors and between students while any practice to the contrary will be corrected.

9.       Ethical conduct. The School will promote ethical practice amongst instructors and students and will sanction behavior that undermines the image and good practice of the School. It will also sanction any acts that are deemed physically or morally damaging to any member of the School.