Fora Online!

by Norman Galo Montenegro

Use our fora to discuss anything you like!

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Never heard of 'fora' before? It's the correct plural of 'forum' with 'forums' being a clumsy and englishized version.

We will soon offer a forum for German, English and Spanish language. Everyone using the internet probably knows how a forum works. Someone starts a 'thread' with a start post and others write their replies to that post. Sounds simple? It is!

You like Facebook, Twitter and Co? While these are nice tools for quick and urgent messages or stuff that is of interest only for a short time (like 'What am I doing at the moment') a forum is meant for medium- to long-term relevance of a topic. That does not, of course, mean that aforementioned messages are not welcome here. Just remember that by and large a forum is a discussion platform while social networks are relations-based.

And now: have fun using your favorite forum!


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