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01. Jingle Bells  
11. Un Gajo de Chilincocos  
02. Campanitas Navideñas
03. Cinco Pa' las Doce
04. Feliz Navidad  
05. El Burrito de Belén
06. El Portal
07. Dulce Amor
08. Pasito, Pasito
09. Son de pascua No.1
10. Son de Pascua No.2  


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To buy this CD in Nicaragua, please visit the Flavio Galo Marimba School, La Colonia Supermarkets, Zona Cool (Metrocentro and Galerías Simán), any stores that sell Mantica Waid records, and the International Airport in Managua. If you visit the Flavio Galo Marimba School, please do so during class times (to see class schedules).