"Muchas Gracias" from the Carribean

Little presents keep a friendship alive!

The employees of the Münster branches 2266 and 1189 of 'DM' can only glimpse from photos the sheer joy that their new initiave has brought the children of the music school 'Flavio Galo' in Nicaragua.
Once again, many presents were sent via mail, for example pencils, crayons and games of skill and went on a long voyage into the Carribean. Great joy reigned when the children and tutors opened their 'surprise' packets together. Thanks to this donation, music lessons are well provided for for many hours. The children can not only draw their own notes but can also draw colorful pictures.
The little artists thank their sponsor with a heartfelt 'Muchas Gracias!'

The project is a concern of the heart for the 'DM' employees and is supported by them since many years.